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"Compelling. Poignant. Suspenseful. Just a few of the words that describe The Storm Over Paris from author William Grubman as he sweeps the reader into Nazi-occupied Paris during WWII. This harrowing tale of the plunder of collectible art by master painters such as Picasso, Monet and Renoir during the occupation of Paris contains a cast of memorable characters, including art gallery owner and French Jew, Mori Rothstein. While under close scrutiny by the Nazis, Rothstein endeavors to save his family from the death sentence of a concentration camp, and he attempts to deprive Herman Goring, the Third Reich's most powerful military leader, of the most exceptional of the art looted from an array of private Jewish art collections. A remarkable debut novel. 5 Stars!"


Footage of Nazi occupied France circa 1942. It gives a snapshot of everything from swastikas flying from French buildings to the German retreat in 1944.

"Themes of Nazi abuse of power, family survival, loyalty, and uncommon bravery thread through William Ian Grubman’s darkly realistic debut novel. His descriptions of 1940’s Paris culture under the German occupation read as compellingly—and deadly--as a Le Carré masterwork.  The writer possesses a gift for rendering Parisian architecture with the loving detail of the best-seller The Paris Architect, and he rocks descriptions and the histories of fine art: the art world unashamedly reveals its grandeur as well as its wicked underbelly. From the intriguing plot tip-off in the Prologue to the surprising ending, the pacing is breath-taking, the mood is delightfully sinister, and the threat of arrest and torture by Nazis is a source of page-turning, nightmare tension."

— Louella Nelson, Amazon best-selling author

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— Yvon Dakota

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